Pirates: bartender's stories
Available on iOS and Android

Pirates: bartender's stories

In this game you will find an exciting sea adventure. A wonderful rescue from the clutches of a bloodthirsty pirate leads you to a small island. You have to find your home and punish the offender.

Dare and seven feet under the keel, Captain!

On the way to the goal you will get acquainted with the inhabitants of a small island. By helping them, you will comprehend the basics of navigation and trade. Improve your ships and weapons, enter into alliances and investigate conspiracies. The open world lives its own life and participation in it is the choice of the player.

You will meet the legendary sea monsters, coming together with them in an unequal battle. The path to the goal will be blocked by storms and black spots with dead ships, the treasures of which are guarded by mysterious mermaids.

Constantly searching for their prey pirates - is an integral part of sea adventures, with which you will meet face to face.

Mini-games will help to distract from heavy sea voyages and come close to the cherished goal.

Various merchant ships and peaceful islands will surely fall in your way. Trade and replenish your ammo. After all, no one knows what awaits you ahead.

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